Please be prepared to be very realistic regarding your dog’s abilities. Not all dogs are physically or mentally able to handle all the phases of Schutzhund. The successful titled dog is the exception, not the rule.

We will be frank in our observations and evaluations, and will assist you in your training. The SCO Training Director will decide when, or if, your dog is ready to proceed with the protection phase of training.

SCO Board of Directors
Interested in learning more?
The goal of the Schutzhund Club of Orlando (SCO) is to help you unlock and channel your dog’s talents and drives to his (or her!) full potential. You will be your dog’s handler and trainer and will receive a great deal of guidance from our Training Director and fellow Members.

Experience - Prospective members do not need to have previous competitive dog training experience.

Dog - We are a non-breed specific club and will accept most working breeds.

Step 1: Schedule a Visit
Schedule a visit to the SCO facility by contacting the SCO Prospective Member Coordinator at A visit will be coordinated so that you may observe our club training activities and meet some of the members. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions.

Please ensure that your dogs vaccinations and other shots are up to date. You will be required to provide a copy of your dog's vaccination records.

Please read the Visitors Guide page for basic rules and guidelines of the club.

Step 2: Schedule a Dog Observation
During your first club visit we will discuss the coordination of a dog observation/evaluation. After the initial visit an observation will be coordinated with the SCO Training Director and one of the SCO Officers.The purpose of the evaluation is to understand your current ability level as a trainer and test the dog for it's suitability to participate in Schutzhund. This is done for both you and your dogs safety as well as the safety of our club members. There is a one time $20 charge per dog to conduct and evaluation.

For the evaluation and subsequent training please have the following items available:

  • Flat collar or a fur saver collar
  • 4 – 6 foot leash
  • 2 of your dog’s favorite toys
  • An ample supply of hotdogs (or suitable substitute) as training aids – a pound should do
  • A great attitude and willingness to give your all and to have fun doing it

Step 3: Post Observation
After your visit and subsequent observation we will be happy to discuss the next steps in becoming an active member of SCO.

SCO is a privately owned club and operated by the Membership. Memberships are extended by invitation only and require Member approval.